Let's make Agriculture Land Chemical free with

Let's treat Hard Water naturally with

Aodishop has developed some Unique Products and given complete solution to Agriculture. Big challenge for agriculture is the worst condition

of water means Hard water. Hard water makes our Agriculture land Infertile. Water is the initial requirement for our Agriculture land.

                                                  So we did Research and developed a Unique product named Water Conditioner.

Organic Fertilizer (Jaivik Khad)

Water Conditioner

This is Water Conditioner. It plays important role in irrigation part of agriculture. it helps the crop in growth and productivity by making separate calcium and magnesium from calcium carbonate. Calcium and Magnesium are necessary dose for crop. It is very cost effective. It saves farmer expensive in lac. Now farmer has no need to take land nearby river, no need to get water through underground pipes from kilometers and no need of deep bore like... 800, 1000, 1300 feet. This product is just like fit and forget with long life.

Mobile Motor Controller

Now Farmer is happy with Hard Water and Infertile Land solution. Now Let's make farmer more happy by giving him Mobile Motor Controller.

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This is pure Organic (chemical free). Most important thing is, this is water soluble just throw in wet Land and our Land will absorb it. It will pass necessary Diets to our Land and Crop. It produces Earthworms (Kenchua) in more quantity which maintain and improve land Fertility for lifetime. It gives more production + Best quality on less Expensive. It increases the health of soil and also keep nature and human being healthy. It is right time to adopt our Organic Fertilizer which is complete replacement of Chemical Fertilizer.

Let's save Time and Money of Farmers with

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After Hard Water solution now It's time to improve our Agriculture Land. We developed pure Organic Fertilizer (Chemical Free).

​This product is Mobile Motor Controller GSM based. It is so beneficial for Farmers. Farmer gets every information related electricity on his Personal Mobile Phone and can start/stop his motor from anywhere in this world. This product helps a lot to farmer by informing him about power come, power gone, water theft, power low, power high, wire cut from transformer to motor, phase reversal and theft. Now farmer has no need to worry about his motor, running or not, power is healthy or not. It saves farmers time and increase the Crop productivity.